A look at the eFlite Blade SR

I was down at Midland Helicopters on thursday evening and they had a demonstration model of the new Blade SR from eFlite on the counter. Of course, I had to have a go!

The stock unit (using the supplied transmitter) feels very stable and has only a small amount of cyclic agility. In fact, you can waggle the cyclic stick around quite a lot and it only has a small effect on the rotor disc. I did manage to "crack" it a little though! I have a feeling the demo unit didn't have that great a gyro fitted to it though as the tail did not perform as well as it should, and adjusting the gain made it marginally better before a high gain wag set in.

For comparison purposes, we tried a Blade CP Pro 2 out of the box (which uses the exact same head and tail mechanisms, including electronics and therefore gyro) and the tail was spot on, so the assumption here is that the Blade SR gyro we encountered on this specific demo model was a little iffy!

Having had a couple of minutes hovering and pirouetting the heli I had satisfied my curiosity enough to know that this heli will sell well, not only because it is an eFlite Blade model, but also because of how solid and stable it is to fly, making it a great beginners helicopter, or maybe a step up from a smaller indoor heli like the mCX or mSR.

I'm told that once you bind the heli to your own DX7 transmitter you can then liven it right up with the transmitter settings. It will be interesting to try that in future to see what's possible!

I took several pictures of the heli, including a side by side comparison shot of the Blade SR and the Blade CP Pro 2.

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